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Quality Improvement in Practice Teaching: Teacher Education (Issues in Practice Teaching)

Mr Chirag K Sutariya Govt. Kamalshi High School, Babra, Amreli (Gujarat)


A classroom is a mundane classroom if the teacher has no interest in teaching. A teacher while going to the classroom should be, psychologically and mentally prepared for teaching. For producing an effective yet practical lesson, certain teaching techniques and the use of various audiovisual instruments are helpful. Under the title of this paper, I have focused on certain important aspects like what is the problem faced by a teacher trainee at the time of practice teaching? Are there any personal weaknesses that affect practice teaching? Is the school atmosphere responsible for the effectiveness of practice teaching? Can training college staff members help the trainee students for effective classroom teaching? etc. If a teacher is hard-working, then definitely he will be successful in effective classroom teaching.

Quality Improvement in Practice Teaching: Teacher Education (Issues in Practice Teaching)


As in the study of science, the only theory is not sufficient. Practicals are most essential. Similarly in teacher education, the trainees, i.e. the student teachers, should be provided with theoretical knowledge, as well as the practical. For this, presently, the B.Ed. Students are sent to some high schools, for taking lessons. They, in this way, learn how to teach effectively. So that the quality of student teachers’ practice and ultimately the quality of education, may be improved. The trainees become aware, that they should be psychologically & mentally prepared for teaching. They may understand the significance of proper and adequate lesson plans.

Appropriate teaching techniques should be employed, e.g. games, communicative approach, discussions.

“Discussions enhance the ability of the students to get involved with each other while having their message delivered from one to another”.
– Larsen-Freeman

Anyhow, the trainee should apply techniques, so that the lesson may become more learner-centered.

Issues in Practice Teaching:

What are the problems, faced by a teacher trainee at the time of practice teaching?

A trainee student should be well prepared for an effective yet practical lesson. Currently, in training colleges, lesson plans are prepared before practice teaching program. So these lesson plans must be appropriate in every respect. E.g. all components of the lesson plan should be well understood by the trainee, and accordingly, the lesson plan should be prepared. The lack of understanding of a certain component of a lesson plan affects the teaching in the classroom.

While going to a classroom for teaching, a trainee should come up with a proper and effective lesson. There should be an appropriate methodology. The content of the lesson should be delivered effectively to the learners so that the learners become automatically interested in grasping the content even if it may be of any subject. Be it teaching of mathematics, or teaching of another subject like Science, English, etc, whatever subject it may be. The trainee should have complete preparation for his subject. In this way, even the hard subjects can be made interesting.

For example, if one has to teach the English language, he should have a full understanding of various techniques of teaching English. In my view, there are 3 techniques to be taken in our consideration.

1. The first technique is the technique of games. If the technique of games is employed in the classroom, it becomes very effective, because it is learner-centered.

"Students will be motivated to learn the language as games are enjoyable, and if the activities are properly designed to meet their interest, this can be beneficial for their communicative practice"
Larsen – Freeman (2000)

2. The second technique is the discussions. Through discussions, the ability of the students to get involved with each other is enhanced. The teacher has not to control the learner. Hence they can have a meaningful learning experience. The students can raise questions in their way and ask group students or the teacher. He can get a satisfactory answer too. Various groups are formed for the group- discussions. Different subjects can be given to each group. Hence knowledge is enhanced with interest.

3. The next is the problem – solving technique. This technique offers a commutative learning approach. The students can have a task-based learning experience. And they can acquire more language competence. In this technique, a task is given to the learner to be completed. Ample time also is given. Hence they can communicate with each other easily. The use of language is done by them while doing the task.

Similarly, various appropriate techniques can be applied to other different subjects.

Are there any personal weaknesses that affect practice teaching?

As mentioned above, pre-preparation is a must for effective teaching in a classroom, In addition to that, a trainee, individually, should be capable of clear expression. He should not hesitate while teaching in the classroom. Suppose he hesitates, he should find out its reasons. He should be capable of making the subject interesting.

There are various skills. E.g. Introduction skill, blackboard writing skill, question- fluency skill, illustration skill, explanation skill, etc.

While entering the classroom, a teacher who has a good personality should introduce his topic of content effectively. He may ask some questions, which are answered by students. From that, he can approach the topic.

Next, he should write on the blackboard, clearly, so that even a student on the last bench can see it.

A teacher trainee should not hesitate in asking questions. One question is asked and that is answered, immediately another question should be asked. This is a question fluency skill. If at that time, he does not recall the next question, and he stands trying to remember, it creates a bad impression in the classroom.

Various interesting illustrations may be given, which have a direct connection to the topic. Even very hard topics can be made easy using appropriate illustrations.

Thereafter clear explanation is essential. The teacher trainee, having good command over the subject content should have a good practice of explaining the masses.

At the time of explanation, questions may be asked by any student. This should be clearly and immediately answered and explained by the teacher. Of course, the relevant question is answered. Otherwise, the teacher can clarify that the question is irrelevant to the topic.

So long as physically handicapped students are concerned, the situation should be managed appropriately.

Is the school atmosphere responsible for the effectiveness of practice Teaching?

Sometimes the trainee teacher may be adequately prepared. But it may happen that, the atmosphere of the school may be inadequate. Inadequate in the sense, that the students may be very mischievous and hence they are not interested in the study. This becomes a problem for a teacher trainee. He may face difficulty in convincing the children. The authority of the institution should, in that instance, help the group of teacher trainees. The authority should insist that the presence of the children in the classroom is proper and the students enter the classroom in its time. Latecomers may cause disturbances.

The students' intelligence level is also an important factor. Bright students can be taught effectively. Average students may take a long time in understanding the topic. A teacher trainee may become aware of this level by asking questions and the responses obtained. He should be practical at that time.

How can the training college teachers help the trainees for effective classroom teaching?

At the time of starting the term, the college teacher should motivate the trainees. At the time of the demonstration lesson, complete information related to the model lesson should be provided. They should help & guide at the time of preparation of the lesson plans. The education institution should be well equipped with library facilities. The college teachers should give information regarding the books of famous, good authors in various specialized fields.


The teacher trainees should develop effective lessons during their teaching practice. If they find difficulties in constructing effective lessons, they should find out, where they are unsuccessful. They should be well prepared in the act of teaching. While going to the classroom, they should mark the attendance of the students. There should not be interruptions of latecomers. The lesson should be completed on schedule. They need to command the students’ attention when teaching. For this, students’ participation is necessary. Pre preparation is essential so that students’ interest is fostered to participate actively during the lesson.

When the trainee students are sent to various schools for practice teaching, the classrooms become their main source of teaching ideas. At the same time, these classrooms are an important source of reference for them to plan and design effective lessons. The classroom also provides trainees with insights and ideas for being a successful teacher.


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