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CALL FOR PAPERS : 'English Studies'

Vol 4, Issue 1, December 2019 Issue are as follow:

Papers dealing with the below given themes are invited for IJHTE next issue:
  • English Studies: papers based on the rise and development of English Studies as a discipline.
  • English Language Teaching:ELT Approaches/Methods, ELT and language lab, innovative ELT classroom practices, Use of ICT, interviews of the ELT practitioner/teachers, ELT book review etc.
  • Literary Studies: English literature across the borders, genre study, history of literatures, literary theory and criticism, linguistics, phonetics, comparative literature etc.
  • Translation Studies: Study of transitions, translation process, history of translation, approaches and methods of translations, audio-visual translation, review of translated works, interview of renowned translators etc.
  • Format: As per the "Author Guidelines" given on
  • Note: There are no charges for the publication. The paper will be published only after the approval of the peer review team. The peer review process is mentioned on the IJHTE website. Kindly send your paper/s at:
  • The last date for sending the papers is 20th December, 2019.